Asset Management



DeA Capital Real Estate SGR

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR S.p.A. was created on 3rd October 2011 through the merger by incorporation of FARE SGR in FIMIT SGR.

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR is a real estate asset management company leader in Europe with EUR 9.4 billion in assets under management at 30 June 2017 and 41 funds (including 5 listed funds). In 2016 DeA Capital Real Estate SGR realized total fees of EUR 40.3 million. DeA Capital Real Estate SGR is one of the major partners of Italian and international institutional investor in promoting, creating and managing closed-end mutual investment funds in real estate.

The Board comprises 8 members: Stefano Scalera, Chairman of the Board, Emanuele Caniggia, Chief Executive Officer and directors Stefania Boroli, Stefano Herzel, Gianluca Grea, Matteo Melley, Gianandrea Perco and Manolo Santilli.

The current shareholder structure is the following:


DeA Capital through DeA Capital Real Estate SGR will strengthen its position in the real estate fund management sector in Italy with growth potential in terms of managed assets both in Italy and abroad.




DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR

DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR is one of Italy's leading asset management companies, specialising in Italian and global private equity direct funds and funds of funds. DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR manages nine closed-end private equity funds, namely four funds of funds (IDeA I FoF, ICF II, ICF III and IDeA Crescita Globale, the latter aimed at the retail segment), one fund that invests in minority interests in predominantly Italian SMEs (IDeA OF I) and three theme funds ("Efficienza Energetica e Sviluppo Sostenibile", "Taste of Italy" and IDeA CCR I, Italy's leading debtor-in-possession financing fund) and, since April 2015, Investitori Associati IV (in liquidation).

At 30 June 2017, DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR had assets under management of approximately EUR 1.9 billion.

DeA Capital owns 100% of DeA Capital Alternative Funds.



SPC Credit Management has been operating for over 15 years in the restructuring, outsourced management and enhancement of non-performing loans. The interest in SPC, which was fully consolidated by the DeA Capital Group from July 2016.

Over the years, the company has developed specific expertise, namely:

  • debt recovery actions in and out of court (with a significant performance in out-of-court resolutions of non-performing loans);
  • advisory services via the valuation and clustering of credit portfolios and the identification of strategic solutions to value these;
  • due diligence and asset quality reviews of NPL portfolio acquisitions.

With specific regard to debt recovery, the company has acquired the expertise to monitor the entire range of non-performing loans, namely:

  • banking (current accounts; mortgages, personal loans);
  • leasing (terminated or active agreements; remaining leased properties post-sale of non-performing portfolio);
  • consumer (consumer credit, salary-backed loans, credit cards);
  • commercial (outstanding invoices);

with a focus on secured loans.



YARD S.p.A. (fka Innovation Real Estate) is specialized in the management, implementation and execution of technical real estate services.
Active in Italy, it boasts a consolidated experience in the management of real estate portfolios and in the operations of development, in asset management, in property, facility and project & construction management services.

The company intends to become a partner of excellence in the processes to increase the value of the properties and guarantees strategic support through its subsidiary Innovation Real Estate Advisory.

In June 2016 DeA Capital S.p.A. completed the sale of 55% of the share capital of Innovation Real Estate S.p.A. to a group of managers belonging to the real estate sector and to institutional investors lead by Alessandro Pasquarelli and Massimo Cremona,appointed respectively Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Innovation Real Estate.